I Am So Special — So Are You

We’re special. We are. And we want to be treated as the special, unique and deserving creatures we believe ourselves to be.

While this sounds snarky (who me?) it’s really at the heart of effective messaging — making your audience feel special to motivate the sale, donation, activism, etc.

I do not feel special when the American Girl site advertises Cyber Monday specials to current customers, but has a downed site and doesn’t update its sold out items in a timely manner. Wasted too much time adding items to the shopping cart only to be told they were sold out minutes later. Ditched the transaction. Shopping Fail.

I do not feel special when my “special deal” is insignificant, with no free shipping or other perk. If I’m a repeat customer, show me some love and appreciation for my loyalty. Reward Fail.

I do not feel special when I give a donation in October and get another request at the end of November. Fundraising Fail.

So here’s to the handful of organizations and companies making us feel like we’re more than a cog in their year-end budget machine… making us feel special.


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