I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Now that I have the Stones in your head, please use it as musical background to my rant about my not-so-smart phone, and the eons of time I’ve spent on the phone with Sprint not getting it fixed.

A recap: My 2.5 month Blackberry Curve 8830′s camera suddenly, for no reason, stops working. Then I get no emails to my phone. The former is annoying, the latter is a disaster.

So I call. And the nice lady realizes she can’t help, and patches me to tech support. And then we talk, and talk, and press buttons and talk and try more buttons, and then I lose all my contacts and my emails and I still have no camera and still can’t access emails. In fact, the whole set up is demolished. Tech support said he’d text me a new code to reactivate my emails. I got nothing.

Tech supports suggests I take my phone to the nearest store. Which is an hour away. So I will get to sit in the store and after and interminable wait, be told I need a replacement, and have to go through the whole long set up again.

If Sprint was really serving its customers, here’s how it would go down.

I’d call and the test problems would be streamlined — as in there would be three tests they do to determine fixability over the phone. If that didn’t work, they’d determine that the distance I’d have to go to get to a store is too far, and would offer to ship me an express envelope to mail the phone to be tested/tweaked in-store by a phone genius. If they couldn’t fix it fast, I’d get a new phone with activation all complete. It should take no more than 3 days including mailing.

I’d be credited for the days of downed phone time and offered some nice upgrade or comp on the bill for the hassle.

In my dreams the Now Network will become the Customer Service Now Network.

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