Are You Christmas to Your Audience?

If you are Christmas to your audience, you’re something to talk about and think about and sing about. My young daughters talk about Christmas and what they want, and Santa, and how magical he is and which carols they like best the day after Halloween (thanks to two month marketing blitzes that begin Nov 1).

While no brand can really compete with elves, flying reindeer, a jolly present giver and cookies all rolled into one magical day, there are some ways for companies and non profits to think about how to be more like Christmas for adults.

Be excitement worthy — as in be a good product/provide a good service. I’m nearly stunned when I get good service these days, or a product works properly, or a nonprofit really makes change. It’s enough to make me giggle like a kid waiting in line to see Santa.

Be carol worthy — as in be good enough for people to sing about you (or tweet about you). Word-of-mouth reviews are enormously powerful, and organizations need to be aware of what people are saying about them, and encourage people to sing their praises.

Be magical — as in be something that leaves your audience in some awe. Nonprofits have the ability to highlight their magic by sharing compelling stories about the power of small change making big change. But small businesses do too. A yoga studio can convey the magic of wellness and the feeling of peace you get after a yoga class. A mechanic can convey the magic of not feeling cheated by a mechanic.

If all else fails, offer free cookies. It’s better than a lump of coal, as any child will tell you.

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